“Where’d you go?”

[update from Marty]

I know. A year of silence. I’m truly sorry about that. Life events put the podcast on hiatus. Some good things happened (I travelled, I moved), and some sad things too (my amazing father passed away). I know there’s definitely one more episode in the wings for a finale but when I’ll have a chance to get to it is another story. It’ll definitely be a surprise ending to this “journey” around the world via podcast. And that’s why you should subscribe to our email updates at the bottom of this page and I’ll notify you of when that episode drops and/or of a possible new venture/collaboration.

Until then, many thanks to all of our listeners for your support, emails, kind words and reviews. It’s been tons of fun and I hope you’ve learned as much as I have from so many thoughtful and articulate guests that were insanely generous with their time and in sharing their incredible stories. I was honored by their trust and deeply moved by their experiences. Their courage to be vulnerable, to be a stranger in a strange land inspires us to stretch our understanding to other ways of being.  ‘Cause this ol’ world could use a big dose of that about right now.

Peace and a happy 2019 to all-