Episode 008: Germany with OhGodMyWifeIsGerman.com

We catch up with anonymous blogger OGM — who posts hilarious observations of Germans, odd things his wife says, beer and food reviews and much more at OhGodMyWifeIsGerman.com, which has attracted a massive following. He’s from Portland. She’s from Niedersachson. They married 4 years ago and OGM dives headfirst into a new life in Hannover, Germany. What does he love most about Germany besides Blood Tongue? I’m never bored. Ever. — OGM

Length: 33 minutes

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[02:04] OGM Meets his future German wife
[06:21] Being a teacher in Germany
[07:37] Tiers of schools/students
[10:04] Preparation for the move
[10:52] A trip to the dentist
[14:26] Unusual benefits of knowing a second language
[15:20] Typical day in the life
[15:50] How the blog began
[19:38] German characteristics
[21:25]  Social tips/understanding
[23:08] The coconuts and the peaches
[24:26] Greasing the wheels of business
[25:01] American misperceptions of Germans
[25:50] Beer and meat
[27:53] German weather and suspicion of all things cold
29:30 Book: dating sites kempton park[29:58] Political climate

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