Episode 005: New Zealand with Mickey Smith

Mickey Smith is an American artist that has been living in New Zealand since 2011. Being an artist in Kiwi country is a 180 turn from New York City. Mickey describes the ups and downs of living in an idyllic country so far away from the US. Learn more about Mickey Smith’s artwork at www.mickeysmith.com

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01:18 The New Yorker Doomsday Prep for the Super Rich
01:18 Financial Times Self-sufficient boltholes tempt global super-rich
to New Zealand
[04:22] Idealization of NZ
[05:13] Trial run in NZ
[06:00] Citizenship issues/Dual citizenship
[08:00] Permission to have a one-way airline ticket
09:07 International residential movers and container moving
[11:02] Making friends
[11:54] Adjusting to a slower pace
[12:35] Free healthcare for accident victims
[13:00] Public versus private healthcare
[15:50] A day in the life
[17:15] Growing items that you can’t get in NZ
[18:05] Leaving NY at top of career as an artist
19:17 Settlement Index
[20:39] Figuring out how to plug in to the New Zealand art scene
[21:35] Continuing to show in the US
[21:50] Things that make you feel isolated
[22:21] Airfare is expensive, especially for a family
[22:43] Christmas in New Zealand
[23:38] Time off
[24:10] Violence in America vs. New Zealand
[25:05] The British Shop
[25:22] The American Shop
[26:25] The one item from the US she can’t live without
[27:53] Final music courtesy Aaron Pollock (Mickey’s husband) whose
New Zealand band is QuarterAcreLifestyle. The name of the track
is Inflight from their album Artifacts. Find them here.

NOTE: This episode features the story of one individual’s experience. Experiences of a country and its culture will obviously vary from person to person and it is important to do your own research from a multitude of sources. In addition, immigration rules and regulations are subject to change at a moment’s notice–always check with a country’s official embassy for the latest updates.

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