Episode 17: Culture Shock Flashback: French Edition


Culture Shock Flashback turns Expat Sandwich on its head. Instead of interviewing American expats, we invite foreign expats living in the United States to share their experience. In this episode we talk with French nationals Charlotte and Laurent about their thoughts on guns, patriotism, differences in work culture and much more. (Length: 22 minutes)

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00:47 Where do the French expats go? (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
01:24 French wine industry (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
02:20 What is Aerospace Valley?
[02:42] Flight data “black(?) box”
[03:37] Laurent’s first dose of culture shock on US soil
[03:52] Accents wreak havoc on Charlotte’s arrival
05:20 Clip: Rustler’s Rhapsody/Paramount Pictures iTunes Amazon
05:43 Number of background checks for gun purchases in US 2016 (WaPo)
06:03 Are you crazy? What it takes to buy a gun in France (WaPo)
07:43 Flags R Us: Flag sales statistics in the US (Annin Flagmakers citing National Flag Foundation)
[09:50] Bonjour ya’ll!
[11:24] The most generous country in the world. Sort of.
[12:00] A shy Frenchman attempts to navigate the dating culture in the US
[13:48] And then, of course there’s the food!
[17:47] There’s no “Je” in “team”: some interesting differences in work culture


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