Episode 006: Cape Town with Brandy Taylor

Considering travel to Africa comprises less than 1% of all international travel by Americans annually, it’s no wonder most of our preconceptions are shaped by TV shows and the media. Brandy Taylor moved to Cape Town last year with her husband Will and their young son. Together they run Khashana Travel, a bespoke safari company. She describes what it’s like for an American to live in the rainbow nation of post-apartheid South Africa and helps dispel some of the myths surrounding what she now calls home. LENGTH: 31 min

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[00:03] Common misperceptions of Africa
00:14 excerpt: Sally Struthers Christian Children’s Fund Commercial (1987)
[00:39] Influence of television and media
01:06 excerpt: Daktari theme song
01:10 excerpt: Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion movie promo
01:32 excerpt: Born Free theme song:  music by John Barry, and lyrics by Don Black   1966. Sung by Matt Monro.
02:02 NTTO US Citizen Traffic to Overseas Regions, Canada, and Mexico 2016
02:21 Africa facts
02:53 Implementation of apartheid by British rule. Wikipedia
04:04 Nelson Mandela speech after release from prison in Cape Town square 1991.
04:22 The “Born Frees”
[04:46] Cape Town named the best place in the world to visit by both
New York Times[10] and the British Daily Telegraph in 2014
05:05 Brandy meets Will, owner of Khashana Travel
06:50 Work visas and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment)
[08:55] Living in a planned community as a means for social activity
[11:20] A day in the life
12:25 About Khashana Travel
[13:44] Enter baboon
[14:53] Political climate and harmonious spirit of community
15:23 Rainbow nation coined by Desmond Tutu. Wikipedia
[15:39] The main races and languages of South Africa
[17:05] Cape Town’s diverse food and restaurant scene
[18:28] Health care
[20:10] Oddities of daily life
[21:38] Car parks
[22:17] Crimes of opportunity
[23:30] Attitude and engagement towards children
[25:48] Misperceptions of ebola and its affect on tourism
26:01 The true size of Africa
[27:20] Things missed about the US

Learn more about Khashana Travel.

When in Cape Town:
A few of Brandy’s restaurant recommendations

La Colombe
Test Kitchen
The Pot Luck Club
Yeh Dosti Durban Curry

NOTE: This episode features the story of one individual’s experience. Experiences of a country and its culture will obviously vary from person to person and it is important to do your own research from a multitude of sources. In addition, immigration rules and regulations are subject to change at a moment’s notice–always check with a country’s official embassy for the latest updates.

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